carbon concepts offers a complete range of composite technologies

What can we offer you?


Expertise in the design, manufacture and application of high performance, light weight composite structures.  We take pride in exploiting our extensive background experience to provide our customers with advanced, cost effective structural solutions.


  • Consultancy on :-
  • Engineering design
  • Materials selection and supply
  • Application
  • Cost effective manufacture
  • Industrial design
  • Contract and collaborative research
  • Prototyping
  • Production
  • Technology Transfer


3-D model of rear support frame for carbon concepts by S.Gibbon of SP Industrial Design

space envelope analysis for rear support frame (Simon Gibbon)


We offer the benefit of many years experience in the design of efficient structures, mainly in composites.  Carbon Concepts maintains access to state of the art  CAD and CAD/CAM technology.  We are able to provide professional industrial design in support on our engineering capability through our relationship with SG_ Industrial Design, who completed the study for the rear support frame shown here.  Industrial design and composites integrate very well due the the ability to easily manufacture complex shapes in composite materials.

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manufacture of advanced composite structure canoe hull using carbon concepts liquid resin infusion


We have developed a wide and varied suite of manufacturing techniques, allowing us to offer an optimum solution

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We are pleased to be able to offer a wide range of consulting services.  This includes all aspects of composites engineering and related topics, from design, through material and process selection to manufacturing and production facilities. 

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rear section of medical rear support frame on test at carbon concepts


We have completed successful R & D programmes with major customers under European and UK (DTI) funding.  We are also able to complete less formal programmes leading to production parts.

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carbon concepts ortopaedic hip cradle showing carbon - Kevlar construction


Carbon Composites has established a reputation on our ability to sympathetically transfer technology between sectors, to the advantage of our customer.  An excellent example is this hip cradle, where we brought together aerospace structural design, marine manufacture and some "pseudo-ductile" technology of our own.

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production car body panels at carbon concepts ready for final polish and packaging


Carbon Concepts is able to offer production facilities for low or medium volume work.  We can arrange for high volume production at appropriate facilities

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carbon concepts 3.65m span competition termal soaring glider about to launch


We have developed and demonstrated a capability in the specialised field of ultra-lightweight structures

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