"Technology Transfer"

liquid resin infusion of medical hip cradle skin at carbon concepts

carbon concepts developed liquid resin infusion on Retro II 4.5 M hull moulding

carnon concepts developed "tool -less" manufacture shown here on  two X-ray tables

Much of what we do and what we have achieved at Carbon Concepts Limited relies on what has become known over recent years as "Technology Transfer".  We believe that what we offer uniquely is a blend of aerospace, automotive and marine experience that allows us to "mix and match" the available technologies to optimise our response to our customers.  In addition , we have added our own proprietary technologies, for instance our mechanism for progressive collapse built into our medical devices.

Much has been written of "Technology Transfer" on the grander scale, and little has perhaps been achieved.  It is our belief that it is not simply a matter of drawing two industries together to fertilise the transfer.  It requires a sympathetic understanding of what the recipient actually requires and what the donor truly has to offer.  Our track record at Carbon Concepts has proven this to be the basis of our success.  Others have possibly failed to understand the ingredients essential to the successful transfer of technology.

We continue to exploit this key ability to the benefit of our customers.

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