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Carbon Concepts are pleased to announce that we now have sports and sprint boats available.  These complement our highly successful Esox and Retro II products. All our boats are now available in the new advanced glass construction which offer a more economical introduction to our range.


NEW CONSTRUCTIONS Following requests from our customers, we are now able to offer all of our boats in glass or glass / carbon hybrid. At the top of the range we still retain the carbon/kevlar/epoxy sandwich construction with which we have gained our reputation for performance and durability.

New boats and constructions are now available from Carbon Concepts

complete Esox hull - weight only 9.5 Kg

ESOX - the first boat that we built was our version of this well proven design.  We have now produced these for several years.  During this time we have developed our own, novel, structure for the boat, which has proved to be highly competitive.  Complete boats can be built well under the 10Kg weight limit.  These boats have successfully competed internationally and are  exported to the U.S.A.

Carbon Concepts Retro II finished hull - complete weight 8.5 Kg

RETRO  - is a Mike Dalton design that has been perfected over several seasons.  Once again, we have developed our own structure for this, which allows us to build boats down to 8.5 Kg.  For a small company new into this sector Retro has sold well, has competed internationally and proved to be competitive.

Finished match die moulded canoe paddle produced by Carbon Concepts

PADDLES - we have developed several designs of paddle for various classes.  These are mainly manufactured using closed mould techniques in CNC machined tooling.


Light weigh high performance rudder for a 420 dinghy made by Carbon Concepts FOILS - we have produced limited numbers of specialist foils (both rudders and centreboards) for international classes.  These exploit aerospace structural design with modern manufacturing methods, allowing the cost to be controlled.  We are able to offer variations in the foil, depending upon whether the customer's priority is weight, stiffness or even controlled twist.
carbon fibre spinnaker pole is typical of Carbon Concepts hollow structure technology BOOMS & SPINNAKER POLES - we have produced experimental versions of tubular structures using novel manufacturing methods.  These offer very high stiffness combined with light weight.  Various material and structural combinations have been used, depending upon the class rules.

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