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We are pleased to announce that Carbon Concepts Limited has joined forces with Knightsport, a small but successful manufacturer of racing sports cars and the Centre for Automotive Research at the University of Durham.  Durham is a leading centre for racing car aerodynamics. 

We are now able to provide a service to the motor sports industry offering:

  • Body components
  • Aerodynamic parts e.g. wings and under trays
  • Cost effective composite chassis and monocoques.

Below are some photographs of our achievements.  More details will be available when the car is launched.

carbon concepts largest moulding yet is the one piece mould for a racing sports car body

Our client required a one-piece body shell.  This offers advantages in aerodynamics, weight and accessibility.  The disadvantage is the size of the one-piece moulding.  The problem is to produce a mould that is accurate, stiff, light enough to handle and will hold a vacuum.

the same carbon concepts mould showing its floor to ceiling size

the first part that carbon concepts took out of the mould

The final shell was both stiff and light.  Carbon Concepts is able to offer a range of constructions, from simple glass fibre to carbon and Kevlar sandwich structures.

the first carbon concepts body demonstrates our right first time ability

So you can't afford a composite chassis?

Carbon Concepts are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a design and manufacture facility for composite racing car chassis

carbon concepts has collaborated with knightsport and can now offer advanced composite chassis at affordable prices

The carbon - Kevlar chassis was built using only the processes, materials and design systems shown in our web site.  It follows the Carbon Concepts philosophy of affordable, high performance structures and demonstrates that a viable structure can be produced without recourse to high cost materials, exotic tooling and very expensive processes such as autoclaving.

Carbon Concepts offer advanced new materials!  

Carbon Concepts is now able to produce body panels in SPRINT and Z-PREG advanced materials

We are pleased to announce that we have now added both SPRINT from SP Systems and Z-PREG from the Advanced Composites Group.  Both of these improve our ability to produce components such as body panels and wings in the most advanced, but affordable carbon and glass systems.  These materials result in a 51% weight saving on the parts shown, compared with resin infused glass fibre construction.


components and


Carbon Concepts produce light weight wings and can offer complete aerodynamic packages

The wing shown (for a Special GT  car)  exploits our "soft tooling" techniques which minimise cost and lead time while giving the greatest possible manufacturing flexibility.  This combination of construction and manufacture results in truly affordable performance.  In conjunction with the University of Durham Centre for Automotive Research, we are now able to offer a world class aerodynamic design and test facility.

Carbon fibre multi-element wing manufactured by Carbon Concepts

illustration by kind permission of Pilbeam Racing Designs Limited

Our suite of construction and manufacture techniques allow us to produce complex, multi-element wings such as this front wing system for the Pilbeam MP88 single seater

Rally car undershields

This undershiels is one od a number of parts produced by Carbon Concepts for rally cars.

In addition to our circuit racing products, we now supply parts for rally cars.  The undershield shown here uses an advanced construction to give the maximum protection at minimum weight, while our manufacturing methods allow us to control costs. 

the car approaches completion designer andy knighton is closest and john dominy of carbon concepts is on the far side

Another view of the Knighton car.  The roof has been removed to make the "clam-shell" doors.
We have worked with Rodger Kilty to develop and update the aerodynamic componenst of his historic F3000 Reynard.  This has included bringing what was a privately run car up to works specification.

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