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Medical and Orthopaedic Engineering

Carbon Concepts hip cradle showing carbon - Kevlar construction

 Carbon Concepts rear support frame - mainly carbon fibre construction

ORTHOPAEDIC DEVICES - it was collaborative research into improved walking devices that originally launched Carbon Concepts.  We have continued to work with our major collaborators, ORLAU at Oswestry, UK. and Remploy  on a number of devices.  Composites have consistently proved able to reduce weight while increasing stiffness - to the benefit of the patients who are generally paraplegics or suffer disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy. We believe that our greatest contribution has been imaginative structural design, low cost tooling and manufacture, and the development of a technique which allows progressive collapse (not normally a feature of composite structures).


x-ray table produced by Carbon Concepts in collaboration with Rolls-Royce and the Derby Royal Infirmiry

X-RAY TABLES - in collaboration with a local hospital we have developed a structure for an x-ray table in conjunction with the Derby Royal Infirmiry and a major local engineering company.  Using a novel construction, we offer high strength and stiffness with low weight (making the table easy to handle single handed) and transmissions greater than 93%.

Carbon Concepts has also produced x-ray grids for a major Manchester hospital.


Carbon Concepts x-ray grid

Rear support frame is the product of Carbon Concepts and ORLAU collaboration

Carbon Concepts body brace fitted to an ORLAU Parawalker

Childs Parawalker fitted to a rear support frame

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