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Nick McLeod carbon concepts managing director  prouldy showing a car body moulding

Dr. Nick McLeod

Managing Director


Nick studied at Leeds University, achieving a Ph.D. for the study of metals processing. Until the formation of Carbon Concepts, his subsequent career was at Rolls-Royce, Derby. He specialised in fracture mechanics and materials engineering, eventually managing the failure investigation labs and the materials test facility. Before leaving to form Carbon Concepts with John Dominy, he worked on the business development of the Gas Turbine Materials Centre at Rolls-Royce.

Nick has managed Carbon Concepts Limited since its formation in 1995, achieving particular success in R & D programmes in medical engineering and related fields.


John Dominy carbon concepts technical director proudly showing another award for the company

Prof. John Dominy

Technical Director


John is a graduate of Middlesex Polytechnic, gaining his Ph.D. for work on high speed transmissions. Following a period at Rolls-Royce, he first learned composites during his time as a designer and race engineer for a formula one motor racing team. He then returned to Rolls-Royce where, for twelve years, he was a specialist in the Composites Group. Until recently he chaired the two leading U.K. composites groups - the Nottingham University Composites Club and the Institute of Materials Polymer Composites Committee. He remains on the committees of both institutions. John is actively involved with teaching, research and administration at several leading universities.  He has recently been appointed Special Professor at Nottingham University.


Carbon Concepts Limited has been established to provide a design, development and manufacturing centre for high performance structures and components. Central to this capability is the experience that the principals have gained in the exploitation of composite materials to provide imaginative, efficient and cost effective engineering solutions. Customers of Carbon Concepts Limited span the spectrum from small companies to large national corporations. Typically, the customer will wish to use Carbon Conceptsí structural and materials expertise to improve or extend their own product range. The Company has a proven ability to introduce structural composites in a way that can be assimilated by customers new to these materials.

The foundation of Carbon Concepts Limited is quality, delivered at an affordable price using technolgy that is accessible to our customers. We take pride, not only in the products and services provided but also in the relationships with customers. The staff are committed to maintaining these standards.

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We are proud that since our formation in 1995, we have been able to demonstrate our service to industry by the success that we have enjoyed in collaborating with major organisations and companies active in the medical engineering sector. With these partners we have been particularly successful in attracting competitive U.K. and European research and development funding. This is centred on Carbon Conceptsí ability to transfer technology to which the customer can both relate and afford. 

In addition to our collaborative R&D, the Company has developed its own products. In particular, our advanced composite racing dinghy foils and canoes have achieved considerable success in competition, including wins at national championship level. Through this, and our recent move into motorsport, we continue to develop our own manufacturing technologies and to adopt those that become available elsewhere.

In order to extend our technical base, we have developed alliances and collaboration with leading organisations such as Knightsport, SGID, ORLAU and the universities of Durham and Nottingham.  We believe that this gives us a total capability far beyond other small companies in this sector.

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