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Manufacturing Technology

wet layup is often thought of as crude but used well carbon concepts achieves good results in suitable applications carbon concepts has built up considerabe experience of a range of vacuum bag methods carbon concepts is proud to have developed its own version of resin infusion and considers itself a world leader in the technique carbon concepts can offer metal matched die mould tooling when approptiate

carbon concepts has used polymer expansion methods to achieve the very highest surface finishes

At Carbon Concepts we are proud of the range of manufacturing technology that we have available.  While some of this is drawn in from the composites industry, much has been developed and improved in house.  We believe that it is our continuous development of an economical manufacturing technology, combined with our understanding of advanced structural techniques that allows us to provide our customers with accessible and cost effective solutions.

wet layup used to provide carbon fibre wings for the kit car industry

WET LAY-UP (or Contact Moulding in the US) - is still the staple diet of the moulding industry.  While we do offer it if the customer requires, it is not a process we prefer due to environmental and cost issues.  We would generally advise a version of the Liquid Resin Infusion methods.

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vacuum bag lay up of 5m canoe at carbon concepts

VACUUM BAGGING - another favorite of the industry.  We have developed a high degree of expertise with this method.  In particular we are able to offer a proprietary method of "internally bagging" difficult internal sections.  Carbon Concepts can produce vacuum bag mouldings in any fibre system, using a wide range of resins, including pre-pregs.

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carbon concepts uses liqid resin infusion on a Retro II hull moulding

LIQUID RESIN INFUSION - At Carbon Concepts we are particularly proud of our in-house version of infusion mouldings.  This provides a technology that is ecologically sound, gives a high degree of surface finish, has excellent control of structure, thickness and resin content and is cost effective.  Almost any combination of fibre and resin can be accommodated.  We are now pleased to offer this technique on highly three dimensional components.

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matched die tooling for canoe padles at carbon concepts

MATCHED DIE MOULDING - We have introduced closed moulding (either composite or metal tooling) for parts such as canoe padles, that require a high finish on both sides.  We are now able to provide the CAD/CAM technology necessary to have these tools cut, in-house.  For medium and long production runs, this method of manufacture can be surprisingly economical

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carbon concepts carbon fibre pre-preg exhast outer casing

POLYMER EXPANSION MOULDING - this is one of the lesser known methods, where the pressure to consolidate the composite during cure is applied by an expanding polymer. We have developed our version of this method to produce the motor bike exhaust tubes. 

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