Meg and John build a GTM

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November 1998 -
bits arrive

December 1998 - we get the kit

January 1999 - subframes and flu

February 1999 - brakes, gears and pedals

March 1999 -fuel system, heater etc

April 1999 -
gearchange, radiator and body bits

May 1999 - the loom, pumping up and the engine

June 1999 - fire up the engine

July 1999 - more gears, hoods etc

August 1999 - brakes, gears and doors

September 1999 - brakes, driving and trim

October 1999 -
We hit the road!!!!

November 1999 - vacuums suck

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So, after ten years of talk, we eventually did it! This site reports on the build. Its hoped that it might help those building K3 s and possibly other kits, by filling in some of the bits that the manual leaves vague. We also hope that it is a bit of fun.

red gtm k3
fish bowl

Stop Press!!

We’re through: SVA passed 9/12/99
Registered & road legal 10/12/99!!

story so far