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Prototype 2.5 kw generator

Advanced Electrical Generator Technology

Carbon Concepts has completed the development of  a family 0f advanced generators specifically designed for "Point-of-Use" wind and water applications.  The Generators have been produced in conjunction with the University of Durham and used advanced technology patented by Dr. Jim Bumby, a reader at the university 


Range of 200 watts to 6 kilo watts

The photograph on the right the larger members of our family of generators.  From left to right are the 2.5 kw, 5 kw and 1.5 kw generators. The diameters are 450mm, 500mm and 550mm respectively. All use a common hub design.  The 5 kw machine goes a step further than its smaller sisters by using trapezoidal rather than circular coils and magnets.  This allows us to get double the power from a machine not much larger than the 2.5 generator. 

The 200watt generator shown below uses the same electro - magnetic design but is simplified mechanically to minimise the weight and cost.

Our family of generators

The test facility at Durham



The Generator offers many advantages for wind and water applications:

  • optimised for speeds typical of small turbines (typically less than 1000 rpm)

  • easy to match to customers' specific requirements

  • no "cogging torque" to inhibit start-up

  • low mass

  • switchable configuration to suite application

  • can be used in geared and direct drive applications

  • may be mounted at the top or the base of the tower

  • drive shaft at both ends of generator

  • choice of vertical or horizontal installation

  • direct or remote rotor mounting

  • standard key drive

  • easily adapted to other ratings



  • rated at 3 - 5 KW at 250 RPM

  • 97%  peakefficiency

  • three phase output

  • brushless

  • "rare earth" permanent magnets

  • axial flux

  • iron-less stator construction

  • output voltages available to suite:

    • battery charging

    • mains connection

    • direct heating

  • high quality, advanced materials

  • 600 mm diameter (3 KW generator)



Our 200 watt "baby" generator

The perfect sinusoidal 3 phase output

The generator has been specifically designed to match the requirements of a family of "Point-of-Use" wind and water turbines currently under development jointly with the University of Durham.  The first of these machines has now been running for over two years with no mechanical or electrical failures. 


General Applications

In addition to our own applications, we are also pleased to offer the generator and our related technologies for general sale to other manufactures or individuals requiring light-weight and high efficiency.

We would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements. 



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