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Nick McLeod carbon concepts managing director  prouldy showing a car body moulding

Dr. Nick McLeod

Carbon Concepts


Nick studied at Leeds University, achieving a Ph.D. for the study of metals processing. Until the formation of Carbon Concepts, his subsequent career was at Rolls-Royce, Derby. He specialised in fracture mechanics and materials engineering, eventually managing the failure investigation labs and the materials test facility. Before leaving to form Carbon Concepts with John Dominy, he worked on the business development of the Gas Turbine Materials Centre at Rolls-Royce.

Nick has managed Carbon Concepts Limited since its formation in 1995, achieving particular success in R & D programmes in medical engineering and related fields.


Andy Knighton


Andy Knighton has been designing and building  cars since his first modified Escort in 1985.  The first design from scratch  was a Suzuki SC100 which his brother Simon raced in 1992.  Even this first car used a carbon fibre tub designed and built by Andy.  In 1993 an all new version of the Suzuki came within one point of winning the Special Saloon championship.  In 1994 the modified car, now with a Stratos body, won its first three races.  The Stratos series continued, always using the combination of bike engines and composite chassis.  Knightsport achieved their first overall pole position in 1997, dispite giving away more than 400 horsepower to the opposition.  Andy is currently building a truly state of the art car to compete directly with the larger Class A cars.


Dr. Rob Dominy

Durham University


Rob is a product of Middlesex Polytechnic, having graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in 1977. He was then awarded his Ph.D. at Imperial College for work on high speed aerodynamics. During this period he became aerodynamic consultant to Arrows Racing Team, being responsible for the competitive A3, A5, A6 and A7 cars in the 1980s. He then moved to work with Tony Southgate on the Jaguar sports cars that won leMans and the World sports Car Championships, followed by the Toyota and Nissan LeMans cars. In between all this, Rob developed the aerodynamic package for the Vision Clubmans car and, more recently has advised on the new Knightsport Special GT car. Rob is a Reader at the University of Durham and Director of their Centre for Automotive Research.


John Dominy carbon concepts technical director proudly showing another award for the company

Prof. John Dominy

Carbon Concepts


John also graduated from Middlesex Polytechnic in 1974. He then gained his Ph.D. for work on high speed transmissions. Following a period at Rolls-Royce, he first learned composites during his time as a designer and race engineer for a formula one motor racing team. He then returned to Rolls-Royce where, for twelve years, he was a specialist in the Composites Group. Until recently he chaired the two leading U.K. composites groups - the Nottingham University Composites Club and the Institute of Materials Polymer Composites Committee. He remains on the committees of both institutions. John is actively involved with teaching, research and administration at several leading universities.  He has recently been appointed Special Professor at Nottingham University.