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consulting services

At Carbon Concepts Limited, we are pleased to be able to offer our experience and abilities as an integrated Consulting Service.  In collaboration with our associates we offer expertise in the following areas;
  • Design

    • design technology

    • mechanical design

    • structures

    • industrial design

  • Materials Selection

    • cost effective matching of materials to customer requirement

  • Manufacturing methods

    • cost effective techniques

    • consumables

  • Product development

    • R&D programmes

  • Integrated programmes

    • Lean organisations

      • lean manufacture

      • lean product development

      • lean supply chains

    • process mapping

    • Kaizan analysis

    • matching of product / materials / manufacture

  • Technology Transfer

    • sources of technology

    • competing technologies

    • cost effective applications


demonstration tooling for collaborative research programme with the ORLAU centre for orthopaedic engineering

multi-piece tooling for an ortopaedic device produced by carbon concepts

carbon concepts is able to offer manufacturing advice such as resin infusion for this canoe hull

carbon concepts is able to offer advice on extreme structures such as this ultra lightweight competition model glider

in addition to high technology carbon concepts is able to advise on low cost composite manufacture

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